Sea Battle Live

The Deployment

The first thing to do is to select a fleet deployment. The system will generate several deployment options for the player to select from.
Player can tap and drag in order to change the system suggested board.

The Battle

The game is played on an 8X8 board that contains a fleet of ships:

  • 1 Aircraft carrier with 5 hit points
  • 1 Battleship with 4 hit points.
  • 2 Submarines with 3 hit points each.
  • 1 Patrol boat with 2 hit points.

Once both players have selected their fleet formation, players will take turns in attempting to locate and sink their opponent’s fleet by firing on a position of their choice.
Should a player miss all opposition targets, the next turn will be granted to the player’s opponent.
Should the player hit their opponent’s ship, they will gain another turn.
The winner will be the first player to have destroyed his enemy’s fleet.

* A player may view which of their opponent's ships have been sunk at any time by clicking on the 'Ships Status' button in the bottom right corner of their 'Player Area'.


During the game, each player can select the option to increase the game value by doubling the bet. Each side can do that only once.
The opponent must accept the ‘double request’ in order to continue the game. Otherwise, he will be forced to quit and lose the battle.