Dragonplay is a developer and a publisher of social games for smartphones. Our vision is to connect people all over the world through a wide variety of exciting social games, enabling people to invite, play and compete with friends through our mobile app, or via Facebook, where we reach out to millions of users. Dragonplay's portfolio of highly acclaimed games includes Live Hold’em Pro, Wild Bingo, Dragonplay Slots, Farm Slots and more.

Games have always been the best way to connect and unite people, providing them with an exciting, fun, interactive experience. Thanks to our unique technological know-how, innovative games, and the availability of social networks, we are able to bring a fun, exciting gaming experience to a player's phone, using social media as an endless playground for gaming and interaction.

We at Dragonplay put a special emphasis on the user experience. Our goal is to develop top- quality games and to connect people, friends and players from all over the world. We do all this using the latest technologies and maintaining the highest standards of information security and privacy settings.

As gaming and social media technologies continue to evolve, so does the team here at Dragonplay. We make sure to always remain at the forefront of the social gaming industry with the latest development tools, and are among the first to learn about and embrace new platforms, such as Android Market – where our Hold’em Pro is rated among the top five games.

In addition to maintaining the highest quality in gaming development, we also remain committed to providing users with top-notch customer support. If you have experienced any trouble, or would like to ask a question or make a suggestion, please do not hesitate to Contact our support team